Christie’s Powerful Pro-Life Speech About Drug Addiction Turns MSNBC Host [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow praised Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie for a recent speech he gave on drug-addiction.

In the speech, Christie said that “every life is precious. Every life is an individual gift from God,” and challenged his pro-life Republican audience to treat addicts with the same sort of compassion, which Maddow found “pretty compelling.”

MADDOW: You can tell, this is sort of the least partisan thing imaginable, and whether you like Chris Christie as a candidate or not — whether you like him as a politician or not — his kind of skill at communicating the way you saw him communicating on an issue like this, that’s why he still seems like he could be a contender, despite all the numbers and everything on paper say otherwise … I think that just as a political observer, this is pretty compelling … Everyone’s looking for the Jeb Bush comeback in the presidential race, the Jeb Bush turnaround. If that discussion by Chris Christie on the subject of addiction moved people in general as much as it has already moved millions of people to watch that and share that online … If that has as much salience in the polity as it’s had online, then it may not be the Jeb Bush comeback we should be watching for. It may be the Chris Christie.

You can watch Christie’s entire speech on Huffington Post’s Facebook.

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