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Do You Want Sharia Law In America?

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I don’t, but then, I’m a teabagging wingnut redneck in Flyover Country. What about people in our smartest state, California? Do they think sharia law is bogus, or do they find it awesome?

A fellow named Mark Dice recently asked some everyday Californians for their opinion on this important issue:

It’s weird… These folks hear the name “Hillary Clinton,” and they just say, “Yeah, I guess she knows best!” No matter what it is they’re told she wants to do. It’s one thing not to know what sharia law is. It’s quite another say it sounds good just because you hear it in the same sentence as the name of the Democratic Party’s frontrunner. They’ve heard of her, and she’s not a Republican, so if you tell them that she likes it, then they like it too. They’ve been well-trained.

Don’t count these people out, though. They make up her base. The less you know about the world, the more likely you are to vote for Hillary Clinton.