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Ben Carson Seems Like A Good Guy, But This ‘Rap’ Radio Ad Is Not… Good

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As we’ve all learned over the past 8 years, when a black guy runs for president, anything you say to criticize him is racist. Because, see, he’s black. “What are you doing? Just agree with him, or people will call you names. You don’t want people to call you names, do you?”

Nonetheless, I must bravely stand up and speak out against the following radio ad, which will debut in several American cities tomorrow:

It’s bad enough that they rhymed “Carson” with “awesome,” but then it’s just him saying a bunch of stuff that’s obviously true!

I guess this is supposed to appeal to people who think Carson is an “Uncle Tom” because he’s not a Democrat. It just seems like a really clumsy way to get his message across.

Hot-ass flute riff, though.

#BenCarsonRaps could be a funny Twitter hashtag. “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire / Privatize the fire department and get good returns!”

P.S. Oh yeah, and apparently he said something about the pyramids? You know, the ones in Egypt? Sounds vitally important to the future of our republic.

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Jim Treacher