Colbert Mocks Trump And Bush’s Latest Book Titles [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Stephen Colbert made fun of Donald Trump’s and Jeb Bush’s new book titles on Wednesday’s “Late Show.”

The host introduced Trump’s book as one that “puts his high regard for this country right in the title, it’s called ‘Crippled America.’ ‘Crippled America’ is just a terrible phrase that sounds deeply offensive, kind of like President Trump.” (RELATED: Trump Reveals How He Will Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall

When introducing Bush’s latest book “Reply All,” Colbert joked, “It’s a great way to you’re done making mistakes by naming a book after something people do by accident.”

Later, Bush took a shot at Bush’s new campaign slogan “Jeb Can Fix It,” suggesting his State of the Union address would go something like this, “The State of our Union is… look, I know it’s gotta get better, I mean c’mon. It has to right? And don’t underestimate America, but I hope you do because I eat nails for breakfast. And God bless you, and God bless — you know what, I’ll just see myself out.”


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