Here’s A Video Of Bill Clinton Saying ‘Make America Great Again’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Bill Clinton, like Donald Trump, believes in a “Make America Great Again” campaign strategy.

During his 1992 run for president, the Democrat used that exact phrase in a campaign television ad.

The clip of Clinton — using the phrase adopted by Trump for his 2016 campaign — was flagged Thursday by D.C. political operative Chuck Thies.

“The Japanese prime minister says he feels sympathy for America, that we’ve lost our work ethic,” Clinton, whose wife Hillary Clinton is running for president, says in the ad.

“That’s not our America. It’s not our people who fail. It’s our leaders. And the answer’s not to beg or bash the Japanese, but to put our own house in order with a solution made in America. I’ve offered a bold national economic strategy for jobs, education, healthcare. Let George Bush attack the Congress. Let the other Democrats attack me or the Japanese. I want to attack these problems. And make America great again.”

Here’s the full campaign ad:

In 1980, Ronald Reagan famously used “Let’s make America great again” as a campaign slogan.

It won’t be a surprise if Trump elevates this bit of campaign history.

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