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John Harwood Asks Journos To Coddle Him

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Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Well, well.

CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood, who pleasured himself immensely with his snide and disrespectful questions to the GOP debate participants last week, sure can dish it out.

But Harwood is apparently a big sissy when the tables are turned.

Page Six, the New York Post gossip section, reports today that in the wake of withering criticism he quietly implored elite DC journalists to give him a free pass.

“Harwood was calling White House correspondents and talk shows, asking them to ‘take it easy on me’ after the debate,” an unnamed “media insider” told the paper.

He has a history of requesting kid glove treatment from the Washington press corps. In 2010, Harwood blubbered to a local reporter who planned to write he had separated from his wife and dated Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) until the scribe “agreed to kill the story.”

Interestingly, Harwood, also a New York Times writer, just tweeted that the debate was an “ugly raucous mess” and “We need more like it.”

But such macho preening is typical for men who are really wusses underneath. In fact, Harwood seems like a bigger wimp than WaPo media blogger Erik Wemple, who does not even defend his wife when this reporter repeatedly calls her a “human pooper scooper” because of allegations she once hurled dog feces at a neighborhood shopkeeper.

Harwood did not respond to a request for comment.