Again! Ivy League Administrators Literally Tear Up Constitution On Hidden Camera [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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James O’Keefe and Project Veritas recently produced a video showing administrators from Vassar and Oberlin Colleges promising to destroy the Constitution, “as it triggers students,” but their latest offering shows that these are not isolated incidents.

In the second part of PV’s series, an undercover video journalist visits Yale University, Cornell University and Syracuse University, and administrators at all three schools go through with destroying the document as a form “therapy.” (VIDEO: Hidden Camera Catches College Administrator Shredding Constitution)

Jason Killheffer, Yale’s director of academic integrity programs, told the reporter he’s “happy to take it and shred it in [his] office,” but settles for ripping it up with his bare hands.

At Syracuse, equal opportunity officer Sheila Johnson told the reporter that “[they] definitely care” about students’ feelings, before dismantling the Constitution with a pair of scissors.

Finally, Cornell’s lead Title IX investigator Elizabeth McGrath said that the “people who wrote [the Constitution] are certainly flawed individuals in [her] mind,” and sent the document through a shredder.


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