Ted Cruz Blasts Obama’s DOJ For Acting ‘As A Partisan Arm’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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[crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] blasted the Department of Justice for “acting simply as a partisan arm” of Barack Obama’s White House.

Cruz, chairing the Judiciary Subcommittee Wednesday, grilled Stuart F. Delery, the nominee for Associate Attorney General of the United States, for his handling of Operation Choke Point. Cruz argued the operation unconstitutionally targeted sellers of guns and ammunition. (RELATED: ‘Gun Letter’ Informs Pawn And Gun Shop Owner His Bank Accounts Are Being Closed [VIDEO])

Delery approved Operation Choke Point which prevented the use of banking services by gun dealers.

“The DOJ has a long and bipartisan tradition of staying out of politics, of defending the law and the Constitution,” Cruz insisted, “and not acting simply as a partisan arm of whatever president happens to be in the White House.”

“My concerns of the Obama Justice Department have been expressed in many fora,” Cruz said. “That I believe the DOJ has violated that tradition of staying out of politics. And indeed, I think it has been even worse. The DOJ has an obligation to defend the Constitution, and instead, and this Justice Department, instead of defending the Constitution has consistently violated the constitutional rights of American citizens, has treated the Bill of Rights with unfortunately with contempt.”

Cruz called Operation Choke Point an “abuse of power that undermines the integrity of the Department of Justice.”


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