Christie On Not Making Main Debate Stage: ‘I See It As A Transfer’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Chris Christie says he doesn’t see it “as a big blow” or a “demotion” that he is no longer on the main stage for the Fox Business Network debate on November 10. (RELATED: Fox Business Network Debate Lineup Set, Main Stage Cut To Eight Candidates)

Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper on Friday, Christie explained, “I see it as a transfer” and if the media does their job, and reports on the debate, “that’s what really matters.”

Jake Tapper: I know you’ve said you’ll show up anywhere they put up a podium and debate anyone. But the decision by Fox Business Network to demote you and Governor Huckabee to the undercard debate, that comes as you’re showing signs of gaining traction in New Hampshire, in the polls. This must come as a big blow. Your performance in debates seems rather important to your campaign.

Chris Christie: No Jake, I don’t see it as a big blow at all and I don’t see it as a demotion. I see it as a transfer. You know, the fact is, we’ll be on the stage, we’ll be debating, people will be watching. Most importantly, Jake, you will be watching. And if I do really well, you’ll report on it, the same way you’ve reported on it in debates 1, 2, and 3. I mean, that’s what really matters. We in the Christie campaign are not whiners or moaners or complainers. I show up and I do my job. And that’s what I’ll do Tuesday night in Milwaukee, not matter which stage I’m on and we’ll go from there.

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