Limbaugh: ‘Friday, November Sixth Is The Assassination Attempt Of Ben Carson’ By The Media [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh blasted Politico’s story that accused Ben Carson of lying about a West Point scholarship calling it an “assassination attempt… to politically end Ben Carson’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination.” (RELATED: Team Carson: ‘Politico Story Is An Outright LIE’)

Friday, on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh blasted the mainstream media for attempting to “politically end Ben Carson’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination by telling an outright lie and then accusing the campaign accusing of lying and admitting to lying.” (RELATED: Carson Blasts CNN For ‘Lies’ Relating To Investigation Into His Youth [VIDEO])

Limbaugh explained, “Friday, November sixth is the assassination attempt of Ben Carson undertaken by the United States American media.”

“Which is horrible, it is despicable, it is infuriating, and I’m telling you it is this kind of thing that is causing a majority of Americans to reject the mainstream media, the establishment political structure of Washington and everything they have to do with.”

“This is exactly what the mainstream media use to be able to get away with when they had a monopoly. This is what the news was when they had a monopoly. There was no Daily Caller reacting to it. There was no me. There was not alternative media correcting the record.”

“When the mainstream media set out to destroy you, this is exactly how it happened and they continued to do it hoping to prove to themselves that why still have the ability to do it since their monopoly has been blown.”

Limbaugh called it an “electronic lynching being conducted against the Republican African American candidate by a majority white, mainstream American liberal media. Where if you’re not a good liberal and a good African American on their plantation, they are going to take you out. And we are witnessing it. It is the same thing folks that happened to Clarence Thomas.”

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