Yankees Pitcher Opens Up About Alcoholism In First Interview Since Entering Rehab [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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One month after removing himself from the postseason roster and voluntarily checking into rehab, Yankees starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia sat down with ABC’s Robin Roberts to discuss his alcoholism.

“I feel like I was tired of hiding,” Sabathia told Roberts. “I just feel such a relief that everyone knows now.”

The 35-year-old lefty says that he had an epiphany “in 2012. I kind of came to the realization that I was an alcoholic, and I was kind of battling it without any help.”

“I would go two or three months at a time and just relapse again,” he added. “On weekends when I thought nobody was paying attention, I would get in the hotel room and drink out of the mini bar. Pretty much everything.”

Despite receiving some criticism for leaving his team just before the postseason, Sabathia remains adamant about his decision to make his disease public.

“I understand how fans could be upset. People don’t understand, but it’s a disease,” he explained. “I look to be a role model in staying sober and kind of lead by example.”

“I’m just here to say this disease has no color, no age, and it’s very serious. I advise anybody if they’re out there feeling like they need help to get it.”

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