Attract Top Talent With a Double-Bottom-Line Philosophy

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Startup companies come in all shapes and sizes — some thrive, some fail, but many would argue that the most successful startups lie not with its product, but the talent it can attract.
The challenge in finding the right talent is attracting the necessary experience, skill set and cultural fit that embraces the entrepreneurial mentality.
Young professionals are often up to the task, but may lack key experience, while mid-career professionals have the necessary skill sets, but are more risk-averse. Furthermore, startups typically can’t afford the salary experienced professionals expect.
So what’s a startup to do? For Movo, a hot Silicon Valley startup, you first and foremost provide great talent the opportunity to change the world, which is how the company was able to attract its newest talent acquisition; Daniel Kjellen, President and CMO, has the necessary and successful background in fin-tech and payments.
“Movo is on a mission to transform mobile devices around the world into a ubiquitous banking system with the starting goal of turning 68-million un-banked adult Americans into banked consumers. “It starts by squeezing out costs through innovation.” says Eric Solis, CEO. For Movo, that means offering a free alternative banking platform with a first-of-its-kind P2P payments app for this neglected market. Movo accounts are opened and loaded without a bank account right from a mobile device. Stored value is then redeemable in the form of a real-time digital VISA card, which can be spent at retail using standard POS equipment or integrated with Apple Pay. Movo can also be used to instantly pay bills right from a mobile device.
Imagine what the world would look like if the smartest executives in America spent their time and energy at companies delivering products and services that they truly believed in. “A key measure of success is the positive impact and change we create in the people around us,” says Kjellen. “It is our view that to deliver innovative products and value, we must keep our passion to change the world alive.”
With more than 16 years of proven success at companies like Check, PayPal, and Green Dot, Kjellen joined Movo for these reasons. “Eric is committed to creating a team with a double-bottom-line philosophy, and I am convinced that we are on the cusp of something great.” For more information, please visit

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