Christie Criticizes Upcoming Debate Format For Ignoring New Hampshire Voters [VIDEO]

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticized the Fox Business Network for ignoring New Hampshire voters in choosing which polls to use to decide which candidates will be allowed on Tuesday’s main Republican debate. (RELATED: Fox Business Network Debate Lineup Set, Main Stage Cut To Eight Candidates)

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, Christie suggested, “I don’t get to set the rules. I don’t get to make those decisions. I’ll be in Milwaukee tomorrow night, and I’ll be on the stage where I’ll get a lot more time to talk.” (RELATED: Christie On Not Making Main Debate Stage: ‘I See It As A Transfer’ [VIDEO])

Host Joe Scarborough insisted, “But isn’t it an insult, though, to the people of New Hampshire that you actually have a poll that matters, first primary in the nation, and you and Marco are moving faster up than anybody else and yet they just ignore New Hampshire?” (RELATED: Christie: Being Relegated To Undercard Debate Has Boosted Fundraising [VIDEO])

“And that’s why I don’t ignore New Hampshire, Joe,” said Christie. “They can ignore New Hampshire if they want, but I spent the last three days up in New Hampshire and got back on Sunday, and I’m going continue to work hard up there. And I’m going to Iowa this week. Iowa and New Hampshire as all know, as all of you know will be the folks who decide how this field gets winnowed. Not anybody in, you know, an office building in Manhattan.”

According to the WBUR New Hampshire Primary Poll, from Oct. 29 to Nov. 1, Christie is in fifth place, polling at percent, a six-point jump over the prior poll.

Christie has gained more notoriety recently after a video where he spoke about drug addiction went viral. (RELATED: Christie’s Powerful Pro-Life Speech About Drug Addiction Turns MSNBC Host [VIDEO])

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