Yale Alumni Fundraising To Send Pro-Free Speech Book To Administrators, Faculty And Students [VIDEO]


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Yale alumni have started a fundraising campaign on Fundly to raise money in an attempt to educate school administrators, faculty, and students about free speech. The campaign is in response to Yale students yelling about “safe spaces” while trying to censor free speech.

The page for the campaign gives a brief description that says, “Yale alumni are concerned about the erosion of tolerance for free thought on campus, so we’re sending 1,000 copies of Allan Bloom’s ‘Closing of the American Mind‘ to administrators, faculty, and students.”

A longer description is also posted on the page stating:

Last Friday, a Yale student confronted an administrator over an email sent in defense of free thought on campus. When the administrator refused to apology for supporting free expression, the student screamed, “BE QUIET!” and claimed, among other things:

“It is not about creating an intellectual space, it is not. Do you understand that? It is about creating a HOME.”

“Why did you accept the f***ing position?? You should step down!”

The confrontation was followed by a mass demonstration against freedom of speech, which culminated in student demands for administrator resignations. Yale President Peter Salovey responded to the students by apologizing and promising to give in to their demands for speech codes and censorship.

If you are concerned about the future of the American university, in New Haven or elsewhere, please donate as many copies of “The Closing of the American Mind” as you can afford.

The classic tome on liberal education and the threats to free thought faced by American campuses will be sent en masse to President Salovey, Dean Holloway, the masters of each residential college (with the notable and obvious exception of Silliman, which master stood alone in defending free thought), faculty, and students.

Read more about the situation here:

So far the campaign has only raised $272 of a $6,905 goal. (RELATED: First They Came For Free Speech At Yale…)

The confrontation between Yale employee Nicholas Christakis and students started when Christakis attempted to engage with students about why he supports free speech and free expression. Christakis was met with students hurling profanity at him, and one student loudly shouting, “Then why the fuck did you accept the position? Who the fuck hired you?” (RELATED: Yale Student Shrieks At Prof For Denying Her ‘Safe Space’ [VIDEO])


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