Daredevil Climbs Eiffel Tower in Sick Video, Immediately Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

Neal Earley Contributor
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British daredevil James Kingston published a video of his latest feat: free climbing the Eiffel Tower.

Kingston, who regularly free-climbs tall buildings, was arrested by Paris police after his stunt on the Eiffel Tower, according to The Telegraph. But before his arrest, Kingston, along with another climber, was able to avoid security on the tower and reached the top platform.

After first attempting to ascend the tower by buying a ticket and climbing from one of the viewing deck platforms, Kingston decided to hide in the tower until the tourists left, according to the description in the video posted Sunday.

After the daredevil was spotted by security, he climbed down and was arrest by Paris police. He has since been released with no charges after six hours of questioning.


Kingston’s YouTube account is filled with videos of his climbs, showing his adventures scaling tall building across the globe from Kiev to Los Angeles.