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Shaun King Claims Someone Is ‘Threatening’ Him With The Results Of A DNA Test

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Shaun King is a Black Lives Matter activist who — despite his distinct pallor, his Caucasian mother, and the white man listed as “Father” on his birth certificate — claims to speak for black people everywhere. He’s very active on Twitter, and over the past few days, many of his colleagues have used the #ShaunKingLetMeDown hashtag to make allegations of financial improprieties in Justice Together, a non-profit organization he runs.

As if being accused of embezzlement isn’t bad enough, now people are rummaging through his damn trash. Or they claim they are, anyway.

According to King:

This unknown person is claiming to want answers about Justice Together, and is holding the results of a DNA test over King’s head as blackmail. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if this person is correct in saying that such a thing is legal, but it certainly doesn’t sound ethical. I do not condone this action.

I just have one question about King’s response, though: Why is this a “threat”? If he’s telling the truth about his biological father, then a DNA test will only back him up. It’ll clear his name.

A few months ago, a group called the Black Conservatives Fund PAC offered to donate $25,000 to BLM if King agreed to a DNA test. King never replied to them, and he was certainly under no obligation to do so. But did he see it as a “threat”? If so, why? How could solid scientific proof of his true heritage ever harm him?

If King really believes what he’s been telling people about his biological father, then he has nothing to fear from some lowlife blackmailers. He should call their bluff. Tell them to do their worst.

Let these miserable cowards disprove, once and for all, the shameful accusation that Shaun King is white.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)