13-Year-Old Boy Home Alone Shoots And Kills Burglar [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A 13-year-old boy shot and killed a man attempting to rob his house in Ladson, South Carolina on Tuesday.

The boy, who was home alone, saw two men trying to break into his house, and rushed to get his mother’s gun. The boy then began firing at the two robbers, resulting in the death of Lamar Brown. The second robber Ira J. Bennett was arrested after fleeing the scene, according to Live5News.

The getaway vehicle was peppered with bullet holes when it was found at the hospital because the unidentified teenager continued to fire at the car as the suspects fled the scene. When Brown arrived at the hospital, medical staff found three different gunshot wounds on him. (RELATED: Texas Man Solves Burglary Problem By Shooting Robber In The Groin)

One Charleston County Sheriff’s Office official told Live5News, “He saw a subject out back trying to get inside so he fired his mother’s gun through the door and the subject reportedly fired back.”

Neighbors credit the young boy for his quick thinking actions saving the day. (RELATED: Gun-Slinging Mom Fights Off Armed Attackers, Saves Her Child [VIDEO])

Witness John Griffin described the chaotic scene to News 2 saying, “We heard like four or five gunshots coming from the back and then a car came creeping from the backyard. It went slow and then the dude went in the front door and he just started shooting his gun, so I ducked down and she ran in the house.”

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