Bush Rep: Don’t Worry, Bush Is Totally Against Abortion

Danny Diaz, campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, told The Daily Caller that Bush opposes abortion and would not promote it as president.

“Governor Bush has the most competent pro-life record on the stage — well known, well understood,” Diaz told The Daily Caller in the “Spin Room” after the Fox Business debate.

“I think he would actively promote his pro-life beliefs just as he did as governor.”

Diaz’s message diverges from the lukewarm abortion message reportedly under consideration by Right to Rise USA, the $100 million super PAC that backs Bush’s presidential run.

As reported by The New York Times late Monday, Right to Rise has crafted a new attack video that savages Marco Rubio for strongly opposing abortion. Rubio has long been a strong critic of abortion and has indicated he opposes it even in cases of rape and incest. (RELATED: Jeb PAC Unveils Secret Weapon: Rubio Is Too Pro-Life!)

“The reality is that these are outside organizations,” Diaz told TheDC.

“Each candidate’s record will be examined wholly and fully by the voter,” he said.

Bush has previously described himself as the “most pro-life governor of modern times” and bragged about defunding Planned Parenthood during his tenure as the governor of Florida.

Diaz took the job as Bush’s campaign manager in June, when Bush declared his candidacy.

Prior to joining the Bush campaign, Diaz had been paid by Right to Rise, the super PAC which Diaz describes now as an outside organization.

According to the Sunlight Foundation, Bush’s campaign has paid FP1 strategies — which was co-founded by Diaz — $350,000 for consulting services. FP1 Strategies has received $380,000 from Right to Rise PAC for strategy and consulting services, the pro-transparency organization states.

Diaz was upbeat after the debate, in his own matter-of-fact way, describing Bush as “the most accomplished conservative reformer” in the 2016 presidential race.

“From our perspective, I felt this was a serious debate tonight about important issues,” he told TheDC. “We appreciate the opportunity today and we go to Iowa tomorrow and continue to work hard and try and earn the support of everyday Americans.”

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