Senior Trump Advisor: They’re Not ‘Undocumented Aliens… They’re Illegal Immigrants’ [VIDEO]

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Michael Cohen, a special council to Donald Trump corrected Jake Tapper on Wednesday, insisting that “illegal immigrants should be called “illegal immigrants” instead of “undocumented aliens.”

Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead,” Cohen clarified Trump’s comment that America is going to need a “deportation force” to remove all of the illegal immigrants suggesting Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers could do it but “like everything in this country that’s broken, Mr. Trump is going to need to fix it. How he’s going to fix it? I don’t think anybody has the answer to that right now.” (RELATED: Trump Calls For ‘Deportation Force’ To Remove Illegal Immigrants ‘Humanly’ [VIDEO])

Tapper began the interview referring to Trump’s interview on MSNBC where Trump talked about deporting “millions of undocumented immigrants in this country.”

Cohen interjected, “You talk about them as undocumented aliens. They’re not. They’re illegal immigrants. Why is it that we have a problem in calling somebody exactly what they are? They snuck across the border. They shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

“Now that’s not to say we don’t want them, but they have to come into this country, as Mr. Trump will say, again and again and again, legally,” explained Cohen. “We need to know exactly who’s in this country. It’s national security. We want to know exactly who is in this country. And I’m actually confused and I would love an answer even from you as to why this question is still floating around.”

“The bottom line is if you sneak into the country, you don’t belong here,” explained Cohen. “That’s an illegal act. Mr. Trump’s position is you must leave. We want you to come back through this big beautiful door in this border that he’s going to talk about,” explained Cohen. “I am confused as to how anybody, any candidate, Republican or Democrat, can think otherwise.”

Tapper explained that one of the reasons “undocumented immigrant” is the preferred term is because “some of the people in this country were brought here as children and therefore they didn’t necessarily commit the illegal act.”

Regarding Trump’s strategy for illegal immigration, Cohen said, “But like everything in this country that’s broken, Mr. Trump is going to need to fix it. How he’s going to fix it, I don’t think anybody has the answer to that right now. Simply because I don’t think we really know, number one, how many people are here undocumented in this country.”

Cohen said, “I don’t think we have an exact number. And I think that the number is not 11 or 12 million as everybody says. It’s probably substantially more.”

“And the funny thing is that Mr. Trump gets a lot of slack in regard to his positions on immigration,” claimed Cohen. “And I think people forget the fact that his wife is an immigrant, that she went through the process, she went through the documentation process. And that’s really the way that we as Americans want — we want our people to come to this country legally. To give them all the benefits and rights that are conferred upon U.S. citizens.”

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