Police Report Describes The Crazy Details Of NBA Player Gerald Green’s Hospitalization

David Hookstead | Reporter

Miami Heat player Gerald Green was mysteriously hospitalized on November 4, but no reason was given by the Heat at the time. A newly released police report, however, sheds a shocking light on the events that led to Green being hospitalized.

According to the report, Green went to the front desk of his condo with his hands covered in blood from an unknown source, and asked the people upfront to call paramedics. Green subsequently went outside and collapsed.

He reportedly eventually got up, went back inside and punched a man attempting to restrain him in the face. The man chose not to press charges on Green. When police arrived they found Green restrained, and placed him on a stretcher to take him to the hospital. (RELATED: Gerald Green Throws Himself A Wicked, Two-Handed Alley-Oop [VIDEO])

Pat Riley, the Miami Heat president, does not feel worried about Green, and told the Miami Herald, “I just believe that we can [count on Gerald moving forward]. I’ve been around this game for 48 years and he’s a really great kid, great athlete, can really shoot the ball. He’s explosive and we’re going to need him, and I think he’s going to show that to us.”

Green, who has been suspended for two games, released a short statement that said, “I want to apologize to my family, fans and the Heat organization. I accept the suspension and look forward to rejoining my teammates this weekend.”

Green was released from the hospital after four days, and has still not revealed where the blood on his hands came from.

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