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SHOCK VIDEO: Mizzou’s Millionaire Hunger-Striker Gets Hit By Tim Wolfe’s Car

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The University of Missouri doesn’t have Klansmen running around on campus, but it does have at least one poop swastika that we know about so far. Also, some guy in a pickup truck may or may not have yelled rude comments at somebody. Clearly, university president Tim Wolfe’s resignation was long overdue. If he’s not responsible for this systemic racism, who is?

Not only has Wolfe injured the body politic, he also literally injured a brave young activist named Jonathan Butler. You may know Butler as the student who stopped eating until he got what he wanted, and as the son of a man who has suffered the cruelest sort of oppression at the hands of the racist railroad industry. But did you know he’s a victim of vehicular assault as well? And the perpetrator is none other than Tim Wolfe.

Strong words. As if it’s not bad enough that Wolfe callously ignores Nazi symbols made of doo-doo and Klansmen made of pure imagination, he actually hit this American hero with his car.

If you don’t have time (or are just too racist) to watch the whole video, the assault happens at the 6:40 mark. The car lurches forward at literally miles per hour, Butler bravely jumps in front of it, and contact is clearly made:


Butler is then immediately oppressed by a white racist (the fat guy wearing sunglasses, not the other white racist) while the student next to him continues yelling into a bullhorn:


Fighting through his obvious physical agony to remain standing, Butler is immediately inconvenienced by even more white racists:


A lesser man might succumb to such racist oppression and oppressive racism, but he doesn’t let these hatemongers silence him:


In fairness, there were a few non-racist whites there. Such as Melissa Click on (appropriately enough) the far left:


And then, finally, some cracker-ass racist bigot cops invade Butler’s safe space and trigger him by telling him to take his horribly injured body somewhere else:


This is whiteness at work. Butler’s righteous indignation is well founded. No one should ever have to endure such a harrowing attack.

When I got hit by a car and was left with a lifetime-debilitating injury, it was okay because I’m white. What have I got to complain about? My pain is nothing compared to the suffering this young man has endured. On behalf of all white people in the history of the world, I apologize to Jonathan Butler.

(Hat tip: Lee Stranahan)

P.S. No, I don’t know what “Don’t give them conviction over your body” means either. But asking for clarification would be racist.