Hillary’s Campaign Organizes ASTROTURFING Twitter Campaign Ahead Of Next Week’s Debate

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Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton will attempt to make herself appear popular and much loved during and after next week’s Democratic presidential candidate debate by seeding Twitter with an astroturfing campaign of volunteers coached on exactly what to say.

“You’ve been one of Hillary’s best supporters, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed,” a Thursday evening email from the campaign says, “so we’d like to invite you to join a special team: grassroots tweeters.”

“During debates and other big moments, we’ll send you updates, fast facts, and some great graphics that you can share with your networks,” the email explains. “Will you join us?”

The email from Adam Parkhomenko, director of grassroots engagement for Hillary for America, encourages Clinton supporters to attend “an in-depth online training just for key players like you.”

The Daily Caller signed up, and will now receive “internet goodies that you can pass along so you can help get the message out for Hillary!”

“Thanks for signing up!” the Clinton campaign immediately responded.

Then, the run-on sentence:

“We’re excited to have you on board to spread the word for Hillary online — be on the lookout for your first email from our team!”

Another auto-generated email then offered the opportunity to “sign up to join the in-depth training just for grassroots tweeters on Saturday.”

The link in this second email delivers clickers to Maestro Conference, a social conferencing website called. Maestro is orchestrating a big conference call with the title “‘Hillary for America – Pre-Debate Social Media Training.”

The conference call will occur on Saturday, Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time — just hours before the CBS News Democratic presidential debate .

The phone number to call if you want to learn all about Hillary Clinton’s astroturfing strategy firsthand is: (916) 469-4760.

TheDC’s pin number is: 513879.

“We recommend a landline,” Maestro Conference advises.

The Clinton campaign promises that “you’ll enjoy” the training more if you are sitting in front of a computer and “you can see the presentation our staff will give.”

The CBS News Democratic presidential debate is slated for 9 p.m. Eastern time in Des Moines, Iowa.

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