Donald Trump Questions Whether Ben Carson Is A ‘Violent Criminal’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Donald Trump, on the warpath against rival Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, is now questioning whether the former neurosurgeon is a “violent criminal” or a “pathological liar.”

In an Instagram video, Trump attacks Carson over his oft-repeated redemption tale of how, as an angry school kid, he once attempted to stab someone but avoided doing damage as the knife hit a belt buckle. Carson tells the story to show people how he turned his life around.

Trump, however, is expressing doubt the story is true. But if it is, the video says, that would make Carson a “violent criminal.”

“Happy Friday the 13th,” Trump’s account wrote under the video. (VIDEO: Obama: Carson ‘Doesn’t Know Much About’ Defeating ISIS)

Watch the video:

Happy Friday the 13th

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Trump is attacking Carson, who is neck-and-neck with him in a number of polls. But not all people are convinced it is a winning strategy, suggesting it could backfire with evangelicals. “Let’s get straight to the point: Donald Trump mocking Ben Carson’s belt buckle story is a bad move,” David Brody of CBN News wrote Friday.

“First of all, here’s what Trump doesn’t understand: the real meaning of the belt buckle story is NOT what happened in that moment of anger,” Brody wrote. “It’s what happened AFTERWARDS. God got a hold of him and he gave his life to Jesus Christ.”

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