U. Minnesota Student Government Won’t Honor Sept. 11 Dead Because It Could DISTURB SAFE SPACE

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The student government at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has voted down a resolution to recognize the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks each fall.

The Minnesota Student Association defeated the resolution proposed by Theo Menon of the College Republicans by a vote of 36-23 (with three abstentions), reports The Minnesota Republic, a conservative campus publication.

Opponents of the resolution said they worried that honoring the 2,996 people killed on American soil 14 years ago could stoke Islamophobia on the taxpayer-funded campus.

One of the most strident critics of the resolution was David Algadi, an at-large student government representative and the student council’s director of diversity and inclusion.

“The passing of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus even more unsafe,” Algadi charged, according to the Republic. “Islamophobia and racism fueled through that are alive and well.”

Algadi also said he wants to start blame white people for more social ills.

“When will we start having moments of silence for all of the times white folks have done something terrible?” he asked, according to the conservative journal. (RELATED: This Minnesota High School Has Now Produced Two Dead American Terrorists)

Menon, the College Republicans delegate, said he is disappointed in the outcome.

“I wrote this resolution because I think we need to recognize the victims of this world-changing event,” Menon said. “The innocent men, women, and servicemen who died on that day deserve to be honored.”

The president and vice president of the University of Minnesota student government supported the annual Sept. 11 commemoration.

Student senator Cameron Holl called the failure commemoration resolution’s flop “simply un-American.”

The public school currently does not recognize the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks in any way on campus.

Supporters of the resolution say they are undeterred and will submit an amended version of the resolution at a future student government meeting.

The University of Minnesota’s flagship campus is a hotbed for student radicalism.

Last year, for example, members of an unchartered, hardcore leftist group on campus demanded that the school confess that it “exists as a product of” colonial evil and must therefore “fundamentally” restructure. (RELATED: Minnesota Radicals Demand Mandatory Transgender Classes Because Of Colonialism OR ELSE)

The group’s full, comically lengthy list of demands was over 1,000 words longer than the Declaration of Independence. The leftist group opposed “color-blind racism.” It wanted gender-neutral bathrooms in all campus buildings and “meditation and healing” rooms at all five branches of the University of Minnesota system. The activists delved into considerable detail discussing exactly how these healing rooms must be decorated.

Also in 2014, a small group of angry white liberals tried to force the University of Minnesota administration to revoke a speaking invitation extended to Condoleezza Rice because she played a role in the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. (RELATED: Bitter White Liberals Urge University Of Minnesota To Rescind Condi Rice Speaking Invitation)

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