Scholars Expose Student Radicalization Across College Campuses

Ginni Thomas Contributor
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As campus demonstrations spread across American colleges, inquiring minds wonder what is causing the seemingly irrational demands on race, gender and sustainability.

Campus mobs are gaining strength ever since the ouster of the president of the University of Missouri. Demands are escalating by a vocal minority of students who seem out of the mainstream.

Yet, for those like the National Association of Scholars (NAS), who have been watching carefully, American higher education has been in the process of a fundamental transformation for decades.

Are these uprisings a spontaneous student-led effort, or are there puppet-masters pulling the strings with paid activists aligned with radical left ideologies? In late August, The Daily Caller featured a video interview of NAS’s Peter Wood and Rachelle Peterson, who’ve exposed how the Left was instigating chaos and radicalism across colleges in order to fundamentally transform the nation using our youth. Their March report, which is the basis of this interview, was titled “Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism.” (RELATED: Scholars: Campus ‘Sustainability’ Indoctrinates College Students)

This week, a new and second comprehensive report was issued from NAS called, “Inside Divestment: The Illiberal Movement to Turn a Generation Against Fossil Fuels.” It critiques the fastest growing student movement on campuses to turn students against fossil fuel. It also exposes the radical, well-funded puppet-masters, like Bill McKibben of and progressive financier Tom Steyer. These puppet-masters are using students as pawns for their agenda, according to this new NAS report.

McKibben, according to one of the authors, characterizes divestment in fossil fuels as a movement to “revoke the social license” of fossil fuel companies. This is done by turning public opinion and policy against them. Remarkably, reports arose recently of New York prosecutors going after Exxon Mobil for not warning about the controversial notion of global warming. Rasmussen has now found that 68 percent of likely voters oppose these politicized investigations. (RELATED: New York AG Investigates Exxon For ‘Lying To Investors’ About Global Warming)

In this new NAS report, an extensive and well-funded political operation that uses students as pawns is exposed. They seek to mobilize students to stigmatize the fossil fuel industry, when the truth is that most Americans are prolific users of fossil fuel in our relatively prosperous, thriving nation.

Also relevant is a YouTube video “If I Wanted America to Fail,” as this viral video connects many dots to the effort to fundamentally transform America using the energy angle — the lifeblood of America’s success and dominance in the world.

Yet, these radicals seek to generate resentment and build political momentum for the next big power grab by the lame duck President Obama, who is expected to try to alter how Americans use energy with the coming UN Paris climate talks.

This repeat of an earlier posted video interview of Woods and Peterson serves to help consumers see beneath the headlines of campus unrest spreading across the nation. For more on NAS, see their website.

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