Gloria Steinem Just Got Her Rap Name In Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Chambers. It’s GLOWSTICK

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In its quest for hard, riveting news in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, The New York Times published a jolly, nostalgic interview of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and feminist activist Gloria Steinem this weekend.

Intrepid Times interviewer Philip Galanes began the interview by observing that, of the pair, only Ginsburg has a rap nickname.

“I like the way mine began,” Ginsburg responds. “A second-year law student at N.Y.U. was outraged by the court’s decision in the voting rights case. But instead of just venting her anger, she took up my dissent.”

The geriatric Steinem then expresses shock that the Internet offers a slew of rap-name generators.

“Yours, if you want it, is GlowStick,” Galanes informs Steinem.

“We may need to work on that,” a dejected, possibly angry Steinem replies.

Ginsburg, 82, and Steinem, 81, are longtime friends.

The interview occurred in Ginsburg’s private office space at the Supreme Court — “a magical place,” according to Steinem, full of stately wood furniture and hideous modern art.

The Supreme Court justice started off the interview by offering Steinem some chocolates she purchased on a recent holiday in beautiful Switzerland.

Ginsburg’s rap nickname is “Notorious R.B.G,” a tribute of sorts to Notorious B.I.G., an influential rapper who was living in mansions and Benzes until his untimely demise in 1997.

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