Carrie Underwood’s Husband DESTROYS A Guy’s Face In Awesome NHL Fight [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Mike Fisher is more than just Carrie Underwood’s husband. In fact he’s a brutal NHL fighter — and those fighting skills were on full display Tuesday night.

Fisher, who plays center for the Nashville Predators, dropped his gloves to fight Anaheim Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa during the Tuesday night game. The fight resulted in Fisher punching a tooth out of Bieksa’s mouth.


When the video is slowed down, Bieksa’s tooth can clearly be seen coming out of his mouth after taking a shot directly to the face.

The good news for Bieska is that the tooth lost was actually already a replacement that he got after a fight several years ago.

Carrie Underwood is clearly impressed.

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