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Ted Cruz To President Obama On Syrian Crisis: ‘Insult Me To My Face’

The following soundbite is being interpreted — by our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters — as Ted Cruz trying to be some sort of tough guy. Like he’s cutting a wrestling promo or something. As opposed to Obama trying to be a tough guy by standing on foreign soil and belittling his domestic political opponents. But it’s simply Cruz laying out the facts and making an entirely reasonable request.

This would be a remarkable statement, under any previous president of the United States. But if Obama wants to continue to press his unpopular policies by demonizing his opposition, they really have nothing to lose by… well, by opposing him. Looking right into the camera and calling him out.

I don’t know if Ted Cruz would be a good president. But clearly he’s not afraid of the press. He knows that they’re going to do and say whatever is necessary to protect the Democrats in power, so he may as well say what he means, plainly and clearly and directly. I respect that.

I also don’t know how I feel about taking in so many Syrian refugees. Yes, it’s a humanitarian crisis. And yes, we’re a nation of immigrants. But these ISIS scumbags are using this to sneak into other countries and stage terrorist attacks. Can we really screen them all out? Pretending 9/11 never happened — both in NYC and Benghazi — won’t stop these terrorists.

Blaming Republicans for being skeptical and refusing to just shut up doesn’t solve anything, but I guess it makes some people feel better.

Barack Obama is a liar and a coward, so he and his codependents hate anyone who stands up and tells the truth. His Alinsky tactics are really tiresome, and I’m glad somebody is calling him out for his inability to learn any new tricks.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)