Trump Calls For ‘Beautiful Safe Zone’ In Syria For Refugees [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s plan for the Syrian refugees is to establish “a beautiful safe zone” in Syria.

“We’re taking in thousands of people, and we’re bringing them in, and we have no idea who they are,” Trump said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

The Republican presidential candidate lamented the fact that one Syrian refugee who was just allowed in America has already on missing. “They don’t know happened to the person.” (RELATED: Missing Syrian Refugee ‘Headed To Washington DC’)

Trump later described his concern about who exactly was among the Syrian refugees. “You look at that migration, and I pointed this out a couple of weeks ago when I first saw it, they’re like, it’s so many men. So many strong, young men. I’m saying, where are the women? Where are the children? I mean there’s so many — so we’re taking people in. And we don’t know where these people come from. We don’t know who they are, where they are. There’s no papers.”

Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Trump, “Do you agree that we should have a safe zone set up for them?”

“I like that, because, look, on a humanitarian basis the whole thing is terrible,” explained Trump. “But they should have a safe zone in Syria, and we should help with the safe zone.”

“And we should get the Gulf States who are not doing anything, and they’re tremendously wealthy, they’re not taking in people. They’re too smart. They’re saying, we don’t want anybody.”

Later Trump criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggesting “And what Merkel has done to Germany is unbelievable. I mean, she’s going to go down — she was really doing, I thought she was a terrific leader. She’s turning out to be a horrible leader.” (RELATED: After Paris, Obama And Merkel Bury Their Heads In The Sand)

Trump said, “What we should have is we should have a beautiful safe zone, and then ultimately some day they’ll be able to go back to where they want to be in Syria. But keep everybody — keep everybody in Syria. This is crazy what’s going on. But we cannot have them in the United States.”

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