Black Texas High Schooler Pretends To Be White On Social Media When Threatening To Shoot Up School

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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An African-American high school student in Texas who pretended to be white on social media when she threatened to kill 10 of her classmates has been arrested for making terroristic threats.

Shalaria Jones, 17, posted the threats on a fake Twitter account she created with the handle @whitebitchhoe.

“im at @jamesbowiehighschool sittin in class thinkin who should I kill first by the way im white nd a junior,” read one Jones tweet.

A student at James Bowie High School in Arlington, Jones also stated that she wanted to kill 10 people with 23 bullets. The threat prompted a police investigation, and some parents pulled their children out of school as well.

Shalaria Jones

Shalaria Jones

In another tweet, Jones posted a picture of a handgun. She also wrote: “@ 12 be readie for bowie to hav a schoo shootin.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jones issued the threat in order to avoid going to school. Jones had used her cell phone to search for a picture of a gun on Google. Her tweet was also saved in the phone’s memory.

She was being held on $10,000 bond in the Arlington city jail.

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