If Francois Hollande Had Listened To Marine Le Pen, He Could Have Saved Some Lives In Paris

Veronique Dorey Freelance Writer
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Friday the 13th, several jihadists inflicted a second round of terror on the city of Paris after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015.

In the aftermath of the first attack, Marine Le Pen, president of the National Front party, visited President Francois Hollande to ask him to suspend the visa-free zone and strip terror suspects of French citizenship. She had recommended deporting all flagged citizens and residents with ties to radical Islam.

If Francois Hollande had listened to Marine Le Pen, we probably could have spared some lives last Friday in France. But the pressure from the left wing is strong, to the point that Marine Le Pen’s free speech has been subjected to lots of attacks in France.

When world leaders came to walk with Hollande to support free speech in France against radical Islamic terror, Hollande’s party did not want her to come, so she decided to respect their position.

Now, after Friday’s monstrosities, Francois Hollande is implementing lots of proposals that she made. These are now Hollande’s measures — the reinstatement of controls at the borders, closing down fundamentalist mosques, the removal of citizenship for French people traveling to Syria (and other countries at risk), a global coalition with Muslim countries, Russia and USA, the refusal of re-entry to citizens tied to ISIS, a prolonged state of emergency, hundreds of searches by investigators, the recruitment of about 15,000 people, thousands in the judiciary system and 10,000 in the law enforcement, plus the purchase of equipment for police and military.

The police departments have been given more power of investigation. They can shut down any theatre, confiscate weapons. For sure, Schengen (the free-visa zone) is on the path to extinction in France. President Hollande declared at Versailles that, if Europe can’t protect its external borders, then national borders will be back.

Proposing the closure of mosques is a huge thing in France, and the UK should think about doing the same. I’d like to pay tribute to HRH Prince Charles here, who asked Muslim leaders to preach respect for Christians’ lives.

Regional elections are coming in December in France, and French observers expect to see a rise of Le Pen’s party, the National Front. She is also leader of the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group at the European Parliament.

The French establishment bullies her and promotes internationally that she’s a fascist, which is not the case. They are losing votes to Marine Le Pen, that’s what they are afraid of. They control the press, media and French opinion by describing her as a villain, like they did about George W. Bush or more recently about Donald Trump, but she’s only saying what lots of citizens think.

When Dana Kennedy mentions Jean Marie Le Pen as a well known xenophobic leader, she’s victim of a French establishment-made propaganda. Jean Marie Lepen made awkward comments in the past, but for instance, he has always been by the side of the Harkis; the very first Algerians who came to France right after the colonial wars in the 60’s. When Jean Marie Lepen says something too offensive for a community to hear, Marine Le Pen asks him to resign. It’s how she took over the Front National. She’s making sure that patriotism is not racism.

European countries have tried to swallow all those pills, telling immigrants that they are all welcome. But Europeans don’t have the means for that. Something will have to change in our democracies. This governance model inflicts too much damage to the cultural base and historical roots.

The last time we saw a state of emergency in France was in 2005, under Jacques Chirac and it was to contain rioters from the same communities as today’s terrorists.

Marine Le Pen was sued “politically” in France for a comment she made five years ago about the fact that Muslim prayers in the streets of France are occupying the pavement and streets are a public space that should remain open to everyone.

Hopefully, in October 2015, last month, the French justice system — and French prosecutor Bernard Reynaud — recognized the Freedom of Speech of Marine Le Pen.

Let’s note that Paris was attacked several times this year, the Mayor Anne Hidalgo has shown dangerous incompetence, she doesn’t know how to protect Paris, she doesn’t know that policemen should carry a weapon to protect their own life, but she won’t resign.