Dallas Mayor Who Fears White People Lives In 92 Percent White Neighborhood

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is scared of white people. (MSNBC screengrab)

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is scared of white people. (MSNBC screengrab)

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has said that he is more afraid of “white men” than Syrian refugees. Despite his fear of whites, however, the mayor manages to get by living in a ritzy neighborhood that is more than 92 percent white and only 1 percent black.

The former CEO of Pizza Hut, Rawlings lives in the prestigious Preston Hollow neighborhood, which D Magazine described as “almost entirely lily white” as part of a feature piece titled “Why are the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Still Segregated?”

The cushy neighborhood, which is home to former President George W. Bush, golfer Jordan Spieth, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (among other celebrities), actually had a white-people only residency requirement on the books as recently as 2000.

While Rawlings claims to live in fear of white men, his heavily-white neighborhood had a grand total of zero murders in 2014.

According to D Magazine, the Preston Hollow community where Rawlings resides is 92.4 percent white, 4.8 percent Hispanic, 3.9 percent Asian, 2.8 percent “other,” and a measly 1.0 percent black. The mayor’s neighborhood stands in stark contrast to his city as a whole, which is 50.7 percent white and 25.0 percent black.

Even the schools in Rawlings’ neighborhood have recently been involved in racial segregation.

Preston Hollow Elementary, where Rawlings sent his (now adult) son, had to be ordered by a federal judge in 2006 to stop segregating students by race.

As noted by The Federalist, over 80 percent of the Dallas county residents currently in jail for committing crimes are Hispanic or black, despite making up less than half of the city’s population.

Mayor Rawlings, who claimed in an MSNBC interview that safety was his “number one concern,” recently joined the anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is funded by former mayor and current gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg.