Former CIA Deputy Director On ISIS: We Need To Think About Holiday Attack [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell said on Tuesday, “we need to think seriously about a possible attack over the holidays” perpetrated by ISIS.

Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” Morell spoke about overseas travel alerts, saying “it’s obvious we need to take that seriously given what’s happened in Paris and ISIS’ capability in Western Europe. Here at home, I do think we need to think seriously about a possible attack over the holidays.”

Morell explained, “ISIS has thousands of followers here in the United States, the FBI knows that. They have now been incentivized by what happened in Paris to try to do something here. And we know those same people, right, were focused on the Fourth of July. So you’d think they were focused on the holiday period.”

Host Charlie Rose asked, “If we had an attack like what took place in Paris, what would that change?”

Morell answered, “I think this is a fundamental question that should be grappled with in the Situation Room. And that question is: If we had a Paris-style attack in New York or Washington, what would our policy then be vis-a-vis ISIS? And then a second question: If that would be our policy the day after, why isn’t that our policy the day before? That’s the fundamental lesson learned from 9/11.”


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