The Movie Studio Reveals New Opportunities for Indie Filmmakers

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Independent films are the heart and soul of the movie industry. These original works of art have the potential to push the boundaries of film; engage new, underserved audiences and, just maybe, develop into blockbuster hits seen by millions of viewers worldwide.
This journey of growth, however, is no easy task. For an independent filmmaker, distribution can be the difference between a flop and a million-dollar success.
How can filmmakers trump this trend? The Movie Studio (TMS) evolved with an answer to this ever-important industry problem.
The TMS model is two-fold. The company both creates its own movies and simultaneously distributes other independent films. The combination provides TMS with a full library of diverse work that appeals to a broad network of buyers worldwide.
Currently, TMS is focused on English-speaking films. Plans are in the works, however, to enter the foreign films language market in the near future.
Gordon Scott Ventures, CEO, stated, “We are very excited to assist many independent producers, with their collective team in their quest for having their efforts rewarded by reaching audiences around the globe.”
TMS’ growth comes through enrolling indie producers from the top film schools and film festivals. If recruited, producers have the opportunity to share their work with audiences in more than 60 countries. These moviemakers can also become a member of TMS’ growing family of followers, shareholders and supporters, ultimately working together for a mutual profit.
In addition, TMS continues to prove its value through its finesse and speed, period. The organization prides itself on giving viewers the power to decide for themselves if a film is successful.
As a pledge to its commitment to the industry, the TMS team has solidified a powerful, well-coordinated media platform through NewsUSA and This platform will boast a strong social media program intended to reach new independent producers and savvy film watchers alike.
With the indie industry begging for more options to grow, TMS could be in the right position at the right time to swiftly become a leader in the entertainment industry at large.
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