Rep. King: ISIS Intel Reports Were Altered To ‘Make The Situation Look Better Than It Really Is’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Republican New York Rep. [crscore]Peter King[/crscore] said that “unfortunately, there is a lot to these allegations” that ISIS intelligence reports were changed to “make the situation look better than it really is.”

Appearing on CNN’s “Wolf” on Wednesday, King said the analysts are “very concerned about the way their reporting has been distorted and so there is a lot to this. (RELATED: Attkisson: Obama Is Selectively Reading Intel Reports [VIDEO])

King said, “the Intelligence Committee is aware of these, I would just tell you about people I have spoken to, not in classified settings, but people who are familiar with the situation, and they say that unfortunately there is a lot to these allegations, that there have been changes made to make the situation look better than it really is.”

Host Wolf Blitzer asked King if he had any information about reports that “U.S. Military Central Command were pressured to sugar coat some of their intelligence estimates about ISIS, and the war against ISIS to make it sound more rosy, than it was going much better than it was.”

“We have to get to the bottom of it,” insisted King. “It’s bad enough again that the situation is not doing well on the ground, but it is even worse if the reports going to the president are sort of papering that over, and who is doing that and under whose direction, and is somebody giving it a wink and nod to this from the White House.”

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