A Bunch Of People Were Shocked At Thanksgiving To Find Out Their Family Supports Donald Trump

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A bunch of people were shocked to find out over Thanksgiving dinner that members of their family support Donald Trump for president.


The support for the real estate billionaire shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention to the presidential race so far. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump has the support of nearly 28 percent of registered Republicans in an average of recent national polls. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson sits in second place with just under 20 percent.

But perhaps those who lamented their pro-Trump relatives on Twitter thought that it was other peoples’ families that are supporting the reality TV star.

The Trump truths proved too difficult for some Thanksgiving dinner attendees. Many said they had to leave the table while their family members praised The Donald.

Others proposed more drastic solutions.

At least one person nearly choked to death after hearing all of the Trump love at Thanksgiving dinner.

And for some, this Thanksgiving could be the last they share with their pro-Trump family.

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