Jeb Says ‘Anybody Is Better Than Hillary’ But Trump’s Still ‘Not A Serious Candidate’ [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he would support Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, but claims Trump is “not a serious candidate.”

“Why if [Trump] became the nominee would you still support him as you’ve pledged to?” host John Dickerson asked Bush Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“Because anybody is better than Hillary Clinton, let me just be clear about that. But I have great doubts about Donald Trump’s ability to be commander in chief. I really do,” Bush said. “I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt to see how the campaign unfolded but you listen to him talk, it’s kind of scary to be honest with you because he’s not a serious candidate.”

“He doesn’t talk about the issues at hand that are of national security importance for our country to keep us safe is the first priority of the president,” he told Dickerson. “And he’s all over the map. Misinformed at best and preying on people’s fear at worst.”

Dickerson then asked Bush how Trump would be a better president than Clinton.

“Well I’ll let the voters decide about Donald Trump,” Bush responded. “I’m pretty confident that the more they hear of him, the less likely he’s going to get the Republican nomination.”

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