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Has Quentin Tarantino Ever Really Been In Jail?

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What does Quentin Tarantino look like? Describe what he looks like. Does he look like a jailbird? (Please stop saying “What?” It’s very annoying.)

We know Tarantino doesn’t like cops. He calls them “murderers,” and then he plays victim when they respond. He gets to do this because he knows what it’s like to be in trouble with the law. He knows what it’s like to be trapped in The Man’s system. He’s down with the struggle.

Or is he? Maureen Callahan, NY Post:

Quentin Tarantino — under fire for recent comments about police violence — has claimed for decades that, as a young man, he served time in a Los Angeles County jail.

One problem: The LA County Sheriff’s Department has no record of the filmmaker ever being in its system. At The Post’s request, the department searched its files back through the 1980s, when, according to Tarantino, he would have been incarcerated.

“A check of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department jail records revealed no evidence that Mr. Tarantino was ever incarcerated in our jail system,” said Capt. Christopher Reed of the Sheriff’s Office.

It’s obvious what’s happened here. Tarantino borrowed somebody else’s story and made it his own. That’s what he does. That’s why he’s famous. He does it in all his movies, so why wouldn’t he do it in real life? He saw Escape from Alcatraz one time too many, and he decided to make it part of his life story.

He and James Frey should get together and make a prison-break movie: The Shawshank Fabrication.