The Next Crisis Could Be The End Of The Republic: Why We Must Impeach President Obama

Alan Keyes Former Assistant Secretary of State
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Lately I’ve been reading articles and getting emails renewing the demand that Barack Obama the U.S. Congress impeach and remove Barack Obama from office as the U.S. Constitution provides. The catalogue of his alleged high crimes and misdemeanors includes the following charges:

  1. That he abused his authority as Commander in Chief to issue rules of engagement for U.S. Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, so as to carelessly endanger and sacrifice the lives of U.S. military personnel;
  2. That he has continually given aid and comfort to avowed and active enemies of the United States, to include the provision of arms to the Islamic terrorist organization known as the Islamic State (ISIS);
  3. That he refused faithfully to execute the law known as the Defense of Marriage Act, made pursuant to the Constitution, in order to curtail the Federal judiciary’s violation of the Constitution’s 9th Amendment, wherein U.S. judges and justices denied and disparaged the right of the people to respect and maintain the Creator’s institution of the natural family, as they exercise powers not delegated to the U.S. government, that are reserved, by the language of the Constitution’s 10th Amendment, “to the States, respectively or to the people.”
  4. That he failed faithfully to execute the laws governing the entry and/or migration of foreigners into the United States, devising and implementing, by dictatorial means, without warrant of law or circumstance, the transportation of said foreigners onto the territory of the United States, abusing for their support the resources of the U.S. Government, and demanding that States and local governments imitate his abuse, without the consent and against the wishes of the people of the people they are supposed to represent.
  5. That, in his administration of the defense and national security forces and agencies of the U.S. government he has:
    1. Allowed the serious deterioration of U.S. nuclear forces, openly stating his neglect before all nations, including avowed enemies of the United States;
    2. Negligently allowed serious breaches of U.S. intelligence, including sensitive sources and methods used to obtain it;
    3. Directly appointed or allowed the employment of individuals known to be members of or associate with organizations that openly approve and directly or indirectly give comfort and support to avowed and active enemies of the United States.
    4. Willfully neglected or else actively damaged and degraded relations with U.S. friends and allies, including especially Israel and Great Britain;
    5. Either through incapacity, incompetence or with the purposeful intention of reinitiating a dangerous but eminently avoidable confrontation, he failed to develop opportunities for better understanding and cooperation with Russia, including cooperation against the threat of Islamic terrorist attacks from ISIS, al Qaeda and other such terrorist cadres;
  6. That he has abused the authority and influence of the President of the United States to inflame dangerous racial tensions and divisions in the United States, including animosity against State and local law enforcement officers and agencies.

To anyone not a slave to partisan bigotry, even this hurried and partial review of Obama’s actions and policies suggests the imperative need for a national inquest into Barack Obama’s conduct in office, and that of his appointees and official advisors. This is the purpose for which the Constitution gives the power of impeachment to the U.S. House of Representatives. It is the job of the House to investigate Obama’s conduct, and as warranted by the evidence that investigation develops, draw up a bill of impeachment indicting his high crimes and misdemeanors. I have long held the view that this is imperative in order to save and restore the constitution self-government of the American people. Recent events, however, pointedly illustrate that it is also imperative in order to deal with the existential threat to our nation’s existence Obama’s tenure has encourage our enemies to pursue.

There are those who will say that, with less than a year left in his occupancy of the Oval Office, it’s too late to hold him accountable. I have no doubt that among them are some of the same people who rejected the need to turn the 2014 election into a referendum on the issue of impeaching and removing him from office. They reflect the general mentality, suspiciously prevalent in this era of elitist faction domination, which seems never ready to hold elected officials to account for the damage they inflict upon the sovereignty and constitution of the people of the United States.

This is a far cry from the attitude that help to assure the rise of America’s strength in previous generations. When opposition to his policies and methods gave rise to charges of dictatorial misconduct against Andrew Jackson during his second term, a resolution to censure his misconduct was debated and passed by both Houses (though it was later expunged from the records of the U.S Senate.) After the attack on Pearl Harbor, those deemed directly responsible for America’s vulnerability were called to account. Yet in the era of the elitist faction’s ascendancy over the U.S. government, accountability has been entirely absent.

Indeed, that mantra of national security has been abused to discourage any real inquiry into breaches of national security that have severely damaged us and greatly encouraged all our competitors and adversaries. This lack of accountability greatly aggravates the threat to our liberty. Seeing their dictatorial power increase with each crisis, government officials have an incentive to let problems ripen so as to harvest more power as they do. Given the dictatorial bent Obama’s tenure has more than amply demonstrated in service to their agenda, it’s excusable to suspect that the neglect of accountability intentionally serves the larger agenda of overturning the U.S. Constitution, an agenda now more and more openly avowed.

It’s never too late for the U.S. Congress to use its Constitutional power to thwart this agenda, but it will be too late if and when the U.S. is hit by a crisis damaging enough to encourage Obama, or the next elitist faction tool, to declare that circumstances have suspended the Constitution’s implementation until further notice. Say if you like that it could never happen here. That was true in the days when Americans still had the confidence to stand on the rights the Constitution guarantees, and the courage to defend their stand. Thanks to the triumph of partisan passivity and subservience, that stalwart character is now in doubt. If it were not, the GOP majorities in both Houses of Congress would have already been moved to do what the Constitution requires.