Charlie Rose Takes Hillary Clinton To Task For ‘Attacking’ Republicans [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CBS’s Charlie Rose took Hillary Clinton to task for “attacking” Republicans when she blamed them for the gridlock in Washington.

Tuesday on “CBS This Morning,” Rose said, “A lot of people think the biggest problem for America is Washington. That’s the problem. That’s partly reflected in some of the politics that we see.”

Clinton insisted, “Well, yes that’s true but look at the way our founders set it up. They set up this separation of powers and they made it really difficult to get things done. And some years it’s really hard. And we’re in one of these periods where we have a minority within the other party that doesn’t believe in compromise, doesn’t believe in reaching consensus, they truly…”

Rose interrupted the Democratic presidential candidate, “But there you go attacking them. That’s not the way to do it.”

Clinton replied, “No, no because part of what you have to do is make it clear to everyone else who is in that party that there is room for negotiation.”

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