Clinton Hasn’t Learned: Still Invokes 9/11 To Defend Wall Street Ties [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton invoked the 9/11 attacks to defend her Wall Street connections — again.

In an interview with Charlie Rose airing on “CBS This Morning” Tuesday, Clinton was asked to defend concerns that she was “too close to Wall Street” and she said that she “represented New York and represented everybody from the dairy farmers, you know to the fishermen…. and did I, you know, help rebuild after 9/11, yes, I did.” (RELATED: Bernie Says Hillary Is In Wall Street’s Pocket — Her Defense? Women And 9/11 [VIDEO])

Clinton claimed, “I worked really hard to get more jobs for Americans and that meant representing big business and small business and everybody in between.”

Rose asked, “Have you suffered from the fact that they say you are too close to Wall Street? Has that hurt your image in your judgment running for president?”

Clinton responded, “I don’t think so. I have stood for a lot of regulation on big banks and on the financial services sector. I also represented New York and represented everybody from the dairy farmers you know to the fishermen.”

Rose interjected, “From Wall Street to the dairy farms.”

Clinton insisted, “Yeah, everybody. And so, yes, do I know people and did I, you  know, help rebuild after 9/11, yes, I did, but that has nothing…”

Rose interrupted, “And did you didn’t take money from them they would say?”

Clinton claimed, “Yeah, but that has nothing to do with my positions. Anybody that thinks they can influence me on that ground doesn’t know me very well.”

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