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EXCLUSIVE: Lefty Lawyer Vows To Help Trump Sue De Blasio

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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The bipartisan circle jerk around Donald Trump gets grosser every day.

Liberals pleasure themselves immensely by criticizing Trump for his crass language that is nevertheless tame compared to the kind of stuff for which they give black rappers a free pass. Hint: they favor words that rhyme with “digger” and “rich.”

Then you have other GOP presidential candidates who act all high-minded when they condemn Trump but, given the large number of women and Latino voters, really don’t have much of a choice.

Thankfully, veteran civil libertarian Norman Siegel, who recently represented Occupy Wall Street protesters, is one of the few public figures on the left who won’t join the fun. In an exclusive interview, Siegel even promised to represent Trump if the real estate magnate wants to sue Marxist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for violating his First Amendment rights.

At issue is De Blasio’s decision not to consider Trump for any future City contracts because of his racially charged remarks about Mexican immigrants. When the furor initially erupted earlier this year, De Blasio implied he would cancel Trump’s current gigs, like one to operate a Bronx golf course. But Big Bill eventually backed off on advice of his lawyers.

Instead, de Blasio swore off any new deals with Trump. But courts have continually ruled that government contracts or funds can not be denied to individuals or organizations for offensive expressions or unpopular viewpoints.

Siegel says that de Blasio’s edict is “antithetical of the principles and values of the First Amendment and contrary to what America is all about.”

Right, but why take Trump’s case when there are so many other demands on his time? Siegel explains that suing the “self-styled progressive” de Blasio on behalf of Trump would be “ironic” and show people that civil libertarians follow “neutral principles,” not leftist dogma.

That would be refreshing. Consider the grotesque double standards at play with Trump. Normally, liberals screech about free speech violations when the government tries to cut off funding for offensive speech.

Early in the George H.W. Bush administration they yelped when Republicans tried to stop NEA funding for an artist who famously photographed a cross submerged in a cup of urine. Plus another creative fellow who took a self-portrait of a bullwhip inserted into one of his bodily orifices.

In 1999, the New York Times accused then Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani of censorship when he tried to end city contracts for the Brooklyn Art Museum because it displayed a dung splattered portrait of the Virgin Marty.

But today, the Grey Lady does a deaf mute routine when de Blasio wants to punish Trump in similar fashion.

Siegel, who as New York Civil Liberties Union head, opposed the dung de-funding, which a federal judge eventually barred, says he would charge Trump his regular $600 hourly fee.

“I think he can afford it.”