Limbaugh: The Media Should ‘Choke On All Of Its Irony’ For Calling Turkey To Seal Its Border But Not The US [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh blasted The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Obama administration for calling for Turkey to seal its border with Syria to prevent ISIS from coming in but thinking it is possible for the U.S. to do the same.

Tuesday on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh explained, “The irony here, this is so rich. The New York Times reported recently that the ‘influx of low skilled, undocumented immigrants is hurting workers in Turkey.'”

“You saw it,” exclaimed Limbaugh.

“‘Many here in Eskisehir,’ a city in Turkey experiencing tough economic times ‘say that an influx of refugees from Syria and others without Turkish work papers is making the economy worse’ even though this city is 400 miles from the Syrian border. ‘It’s a major problem,’ said the mayor. ‘The number of Syrian refugees is increasing by day and they are adding to our unemployment problem,'” read Limbaugh from “The New York Times” article.

“Well imagine that,” suggested Limbaugh.

“And the New York Times, by golly, by gosh acknowledges it in Turkey. I mean it is one of those–shazam. Who would believe this? And so the New York Times is very sympathetic to Turkey. We must be very cognizant of the economic damage these immigrants or illegal folks could be doing to Turkey,” said Limbaugh.

“The next story from The Wall Street Journal and this is stunning too because the Wall Street Journal, you have to say is part of the open borders coalition in this country. Wall Street Journal: ‘US Urges Turkey To Seal Border.’ ‘The Obama administration is pressing Turkey to deploy thousands of additional troops along its border with Syria to cordon off a 60 mile stretch of frontier that U.S. officials say is used by ISIS to move foreign fighters in and out of the war zone,'” read Limbaugh.

“Wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, the Obama administration says this is impossible to do here. The Obama administration, this is silly, you can’t have walls, you can’t seal borders, that’s silly. It’s silly that we even try. You can’t do it here,” Limbaugh ranted.

“But the regime [mainstream media/WSJ] is suggesting, urging Turkey to do this. It’s a wonder the regime doesn’t choke on all of it’s irony,” insisted Limbaugh.

“These open borders lobbyists at the Wall Street Journal, they buried Turkey’s retort at the bottom of their long article,” said Limbaugh.

An exasperated Limbaugh questioned, “You know what Turkish said when Obama urged them to close their border?”

Reading from the last paragraph of The Wall Street Journal article, Limbaugh said, “‘Turkish officials pointed to Washington’s inability to seal off the US-Mexico border as an example of how difficult such operations can be. U.S. officials chafe at the comparison.'”

Limbaugh continued reading, “‘If we were at war with Mexico, we’d close that border,’ a senior administration official said of Washington’s response.”

Railing against the Wall Street Journal, Limbaugh said, “Wait a minute, so that’s it, we’re not sealing the border because the Regime [Obama administration] doesn’t think we are at war with Mexico and if we were at war with Mexico, we’d seal that border. What about the drug cartels? If you ask me, DEA operations look a lot like warfare. It seems to me, but anyway, the irony here is rich and for the Wall Street Journal to be running the story is even better.”

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