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Obama Stands Up In Paris And Says The ISIS Attack Didn’t Happen

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President Barack Hussein Obama lies about a lot of things. Most things, really. One lie in particular, a lie he tells over and over and over, is that “Other countries don’t have mass shootings like America does.” It’s a brazen, ridiculous lie, which is why he keeps telling it. When it comes to furthering his agenda, little lies just won’t do.

And if he’s determined to keep telling such an astonishing lie, why would it matter where he says it? Why would it matter that he just said it in the same city where ISIS murdered 129 people a couple of weeks ago?

Video courtesy of David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon:

I don’t believe Barack Obama is insane. I don’t think he’s so far removed from reality as to believe that the Paris attack didn’t happen. Therefore, I’m left with the conclusion that he simply doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that what he’s saying isn’t true. He doesn’t care about the victims of the Paris attack, or the Colorado Springs attack, or any other attack. Those dead people and their loved ones are merely pieces on a game board.

The innocent dead in Paris do not matter to Obama, because he can’t use them to get what he wants.

And no, despite his usual “reasonable guy” pose, he doesn’t believe in debating abortion. He doesn’t believe in debating anything. If you disagree with him, you’re the enemy.

Well, unless you’re a Muslim, of course. For some reason, he bends over backwards not to offend Muslims. No matter how many people they kill.

P.S. I almost forgot the reason Obama went to Paris in the first place. Charlie Hebdo wasn’t enough to do it, but appeasing the Angry Sky Gods is.