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Hillary’s Latest Campaign Strategy: Boys Are Icky

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If you’ve paid any attention whatsoever to Hillary Clinton’s career, you know she’s a bad person and would be a terrible president. But did you know she’s a woman? Because she’s definitely a woman. You should vote for her because she’s a woman. Out of all the women in the United States, she’s the one who should be our first female president.

Before you watch the following video, here is the actual description that someone typed out:

In this heartwarming video, see what a few little girl supporters wanted to tell Hillary Clinton. Their inspiring words remind us there is still much to do to break the highest hardest glass ceiling for every girl out there.

Prepare to have your heart warmed. Get ready to be inspired. You have your instructions.

It’s not child exploitation when Democrats do it. If the eventual Republican nominee is a man, I hope he’s ready for the inevitable accusation of carrying cooties.

Please note that this “reasoning” doesn’t apply to any woman who happens to be a Republican. When a woman becomes a Republican, she stops being a woman. Because, of course, Republicans hate women. Why else would they want women to pay for their own birth control?

Hat tip to Allahpundit, who asks:

If we’re already at the “adorable little girls wishing for a woman president” stage of Hillary’s gender pander, where will we be next October? Where can they go from here? The answer, I think, is towards victimization.

Probably. Hillary has turned on the waterworks before, remember?