Laura Ingraham Praises ‘Mr. Substance’ Sen. Jeff Sessions: He Does ‘The People’s Work’ [AUDIO]

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Radio host Laura Ingraham said Alabama Republican Sen. [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore] is “‘Mr. Substance’ on Trans-Pacific Partnership, on the budget, on the refugee resettlement, of course on both legal and illegal immigration… he is the oracle when it comes to those issues.”

Wednesday on The Laura Ingraham Show, Ingraham said, “Now, Jeff Sessions was not challenged by either a Republican or a Democrat in 2014. No one the bothered running against Jeff Sessions. Why? Because they knew that Jeff Sessions was doing the people’s work and they were never ever going to be able to defeat that. It just wasn’t going to be possible.” (RELATED: Sen. Sessions: Take TPP Off The Fast Track And ‘Get Busy Defending The Interest Of The American People’ [VIDEO])

Sessions “spends his time doing this crazy thing called serving the interests of the people,” said Ingraham.

“Now is he the flashiest guy? No,” explained Ingraham. “Is he a guy who would get 15000 people at the stadium? Probably not. But he is in the Senate doing the hard work of educating other members and bringing the substance to the fore.”

Ingraham included an audio segment of Sessions insisting, “We’re not going to talk about your politics and your ideology and your special interests, we’re going to talk about what’s good for America.”

Continuing her praise of Sessions, Ingraham told her radio audience what she said to GOP representatives Wednesday, “Be more like Jeff.”

Ingraham applauded Sessions for releasing a statement Tuesday “about what the appropriations bills all combined into this beast of an omnibus spending bill of that will be voted and right before Christmas.”

The radio host said the senator explained, “This catch-all, omnibus spending bill, this actually will amount to a blank check for president Obama to carry out his refugee resettlement plan. So under this bill or this bill, this is the genius of Sessions, he actually reads the bills. Under this bill, not only will Obama be allowed to bring in 85,000 refugees that he’s announced on top of the current record immigration levels–1.7 million illegal immigrants coming in the country every year– but it will include at least 10,000 refugees from Syria who will subsequently be able to bring in there for foreigner relatives.” (RELATED: Sessions Urges Repubs To Cancel ‘Blank Check’ For Obama’s Refugee Plan)

“I warned you about all this by the way the relatives coming in,” explained Ingraham. “All refugees, get this, all refugees are eligible for a lifetime government benefits and Social Security, Medicare access, and then get on a fast track to becoming voting U.S. citizens. More than 90 percent of recent Middle Eastern refugees today are on welfare nowhere.”

“Now, where else are we reading that? Who is actually saying these things other than Jeff Sessions. You tell me,” insisted Ingraham.

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