Limbaugh: Hillary And The Dems Are ‘Going After The Felon Vote’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh blasted the Obama administration and the Democratic Party for “going after the felon vote and Hillary Clinton is one of the leading figures trying to get this legalized.”

Wednesday on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh argued that the Democratic Party is “tolerating criminal and illegal behavior in order to profit from it.” (RELATED: Cruz: ‘The Overwhelming Majority Of Violent Criminals Are Democrats’ [VIDEO])

“Democrats have to import voters from other countries if they are going to grow their base,” Limbaugh suggested. “They have to have amnesty, we need illegal immigrants, we need amnesty for them, we need the border to remain open so that future Democrat voters can get into the country.”

Limbaugh also claimed, “it has been determined that a majority of these refugees also end up, using past refugees as the sample, end up voting Democrat. And now the Democrats are going after the felon vote and Hillary Clinton is one of the leading figures trying to get this legalized. That felon, ex-cons will be granted the right to vote, at present they can’t.”

“If you just looked at the surface level, you could maybe assume that the Democrats believe that they have lost the support of American citizens,” Limbaugh said. “I mean, there actions state that they don’t think they can win with the American law abiding public. Look at all, I use the word illegals that the Democrats are seeking to register as voters because they know that they are inclined to vote Democrat. Illegal immigrants, now the felon ex-convict block and the refugee block” Limbaugh argued.

“Every Democrat Party Policy,” according to Limbaugh, “is oriented toward increasing the number of those people in the country, with the exception of felons, they are already here, and then making it easy for those people to end up registering to vote.”

“The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass, and in the old days, when we had a growing economy, what would happen is that members of the underclass would eventually become middle class, some of them upper middle class, some of them would become top 5 percent, top 1 percent,” Limbaugh explained.

“With the Obama stagnant economy, nobody’s moving up, because nobody can find meaningful employment,” Limbaugh said. “Well not nobody, but it’s, we have a flat economy, we have a stagnant economy, there isn’t any job growth, there isn’t any wage growth, and so the traditional mobility upward in the U.S. economy has been brought to a screeching halt, precisely because of Obama policies.”

“It’s not the country has seen it’s best days, it’s not that the countries best days are behind it, it’s not because actions have caught up with the country, it’s because of this administration and the Democrat Party and their policies which have brought this economy to a standstill,” Limbaugh said. “And even with that, the Democrat Party sees the need to import a bunch of non-citizens or ex-cons as voters because it sure seems to me that they don’t think they can win with the law abiding citizen class if you will, in this country.”

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