‘Morning Joe’ Rips Latest Clinton Ad As ‘Too Terrible To Describe In The English Language’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel ripped Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign ad entitled “44 Boys Is Too Many,” calling it “too terrible to describe in the English language.”

On “Morning Joe” Wednesday, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist, Steve Schmidt and Mike Barnicle blasted Clinton’s ad that had young girls reading letters praising Clinton and saying how inspired they were by Clinton’s candidacy.

When asked about what he thought about the ad, Schmidt explained, “It’s really like too terrible to describe in the English language. It’s beyond the limits of my vocabulary. Not good.”

Schmidt suggested, “I love little kids. I hate little kids being used by cynical politicians though.”

When Brzezinski suggested that the ad was “cute and all,” the panel revolted with Schmidt and Scarborough insisting, “No, it’s not.”

“Talk about sinister,” Schmidt continued. “I mean, look, there’s a table and a campaign headquarters with people sitting around it watching it on TV saying, ‘Well that’s really good, let’s put it out.’ Right, ‘I mean, really incredible.'”

Scarborough added that it’s “really cynical” for Clinton to run the ad. “You know, that reminds me of the politicians that will actually hire children, that don’t have children, don’t have a family. They will actually hire children and sit them,” he said.

Brzezinski suggested, “What I would have done is put women, working women, hardworking women from every level of society talking about wanting to be paid equally to men, that would be like an ad that has to do with this generation of women who have succeeded, do work, have to work, and now want a woman representing them. I mean, that was 1972 [political ad].”

“In the hierarchy of politicians who don’t have children who would hire them for political purposes. Only one step lower is the politician who would higher a golden retriever,” Schmidt said. “We’re moving into that category with that.”

Willie Geist summarized Clinton’s ad explaining, “this is where Donald Trump is winning, people are sick of this crap.”

Brzezinski, Barnicle, Scarborough and Schmidt all agreed with Geist’s observation.

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