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Another False Accusation Of Racism Foiled By Police Dashcam

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Nobody likes getting stopped by the cops. It’s stressful and annoying at best, even if you know you actually did what the cop stopped you for doing. But does that give you free license to walk into a police station and file a false report as revenge?

Peggy Wright, Daily Record (NJ):

An Irvington woman has been charged with falsely reporting that a township officer yelled and pointed his handgun at her, a claim disproved by the video system in the officer’s patrol car, police Capt. Christopher DePuyt said in a news release Wednesday…

The motorist, identified as Hyacinth Peccoo, 50, went to Pequannock headquarters on Oct. 28 and said she wished to make a complaint about an officer that stopped her for a motor vehicle infraction on Oct. 15…

“Ms. Peccoo stated that she asked the officer if he was going to kill her in broad daylight,” the release said.

Nope. Never happened. Here’s the dashcam video:

He even gave her a break on the ticket. But her pride wouldn’t let him get away with disrespecting her, I guess.

The reason you’re seeing this on a dumb blog at a wingnut teabagger site — and not, oh, everywhere else on Earth — is because it doesn’t fit the prevailing narrative. Ms. Peccoo is black and the officer is white, and that’s all you’re supposed to care about. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” wasn’t true either, but the accusation served as its own proof. Questioning a claim by a black person is racist, because… well, it just is. Shut up, racist.

People should be held accountable when they do something wrong. That goes for cops too. But that doesn’t mean you get to file a false report. If not for that dashcam video, this officer would be in big trouble right now. MSNBC and the NY Times and white man Shaun King and all the other usual suspects would make a national story out of it. They’d beat us over the head with it for days, weeks, months. “Shame on you, whitey. You’re complicit!” And Al Sharpton would raise more money and buy more suits.

Dashcam video showing the truth short-circuits all that. So the racebaiters just lurch along to their next target. Nothing is learned. Nobody is helped. And people like Hyacinth Peccoo have fewer and fewer qualms about making false accusations of racism.

Welcome to Utopia.

(Hat tip: Victor Skinner)

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