Democratic Senator: Prayers Are ‘Wholly Insufficient’ Responses To Shootings [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Democratic Sen. [crscore]Christopher Murphy[/crscore] from Connecticut insisted “right now these thoughts and prayers…are wholly insufficient” responses to the California shooting.

After the Wednesday shooting in San Bernardino, Murphy tweeted that people’s prayers and thoughts were not good enough responses to the violence. He doubled down on those sentiments Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“Right now these thoughts and prayers and sympathies have become a mask for inaction,” the senator said on “Morning Joe.” He then added prayers and thoughts are “wholly insufficient.”  (RELATED: Speaker Ryan: ‘We Need To Fix Our Mental Illness Laws, Our Policies, They Are Outdated’ [VIDEO])

Murphy claimed, “Well, listen, I come from Sandy Hook, Connecticut I know that prayers and thoughts, you know listen, I know they’re important and I know they’re important to San Bernardino.”

“But my point is that thoughts and prayers are great but got to be followed up by action. And what’s so offensive in the wake of another mass shooting we have a gigantic menu of policy options at our disposal to try to cut down on this carnage and we’re not pursuing any of them,” Murphy claimed. (RELATED: Media Mocks ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ For Shooting Victims, Democrats Don’t Offer Them)

“We are just absolutely frozen. And listen, maybe I shouldn’t Tweet in anger but I’m angry that we’re not doing anything to try to stop this.”

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